Existing work

Since 2016 I work with clay. From the first moment I loved this versatile material and never stopped working with clay. For my free work I find inspiration in daily events, things that happen or that I see during the day. Small or big. Humor is something I value highly in life, in friendships and in art. I am not shy to add of some tongue in cheek in my work.

 Work on request

Some occasions need a personalized and unique “one-of-a-kind” gift! For example:

  • To celebrate the birth of a new born baby.
  • The buying of a new house.
  • A special birthday.
  • A new job or a graduation.
  • A sculpture of your favorite pet.

For these, and all other special occasions, I can make the perfect piece of art for you. Let’s get in touch to discuss your ideas and wishes. Work on request is on a quotation basis.